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The Clause are a four-piece from Birmingham who have been jamming together since childhood. Blending the swagger of the 60s, the rolling groove of the 80s and the riotous verve and attitude of the 90s are Pearce Macca (front man), Niall Fennell (drummer) Jonny Fyffe (bassist) and Liam Deakin (guitarist). The band effortlessly combines huge hooks with gritty verses, indie sensibilities and rhythm and blues groove and melodies, creating a totally unique sound.

The Clause have coolly supported the likes of The Reytons, the Pigeon Detectives, DMAs, The Enemy and The Snuts as well as performing their own UK tours, not to mention rocking at the world-renowned Radio 1’s Big Weekend. With two singles already reaching No1 in the iTunes rock chart and just outside the Top 20 on the main chart, the band are destined for great things.

Get ready Nottingham for The Weekend Festival

The Clause Nottingham Festival
The Clause The Weekend Festival 2024
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