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Slendz is a young independent MC based in Derby. He has always had an interest in music but started to actually write his own lyrics January 2020 and credits the ‘Lockdown’ as being a significant factor in him really seeing the potential he had. 
 His friends had a big influence on him making music, and he began just to start a new hobby and found out he had a natural affinity with it and enjoyed the process after posting a freestyle during lockdown which garnered great feedback and recognition this sparked his musical journey and he hasn’t looked back since. 


His influences are rappers Potter Payper, and Mc’s Eyez and Don Strapzy. Relating to the wordplay of Potter Payper and Don Strapzy and the fact Eyes was a young Derby artist that has gone on to become one of the top MC’s in the UK and has done a lot to encourage other MC’s in his hometown has inspired Slendz that he to can reach the same ‘heights’. 


A naturally talented and gifted writer, his style is inspired by the artists above with relatable lyrics and his ‘signature’ catchy wordplay within his own music and as a young developing artist, he has been keen to experiment with various genres and styles to formulate his own unique sound. Slendz will play at The Weekend Festival 2024

Slendz at The Weekend Festival Nottingham
Slendz will be performing @ The Weekend Festival
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